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Avtar S. Jasser, CEO, Catalystone SolutionsAvtar S. Jasser, CEO
The ongoing pandemic’s significant effect on businesses has highlighted the need for adaptability and resilience in today’s workforce. Although digitalization is not a new phenomenon, the crisis has undoubtedly accelerated the shift towards a digital economy and accentuated the importance of HR in the new normal. Today, there is a war for talent, especially for positions in an organization’s upper echelon, due to a lack of seasoned candidates. CHROs are increasingly seeking ways to support business leaders in restructuring organizational culture and workflows across every element of the HR lifecycle to meet a new set of operational needs and ensure business continuity. With the economy now on the cusp of recovery, HR organizations are leading the way in tackling the immediate crisis by swiftly building resilient, stable, and more inclusive companies for the future’s new human capital reality.

However, massive gaps in traditional consulting methods, particularly in large consulting companies, hinder an organization’s agility and performance. At the same time, this pandemic has forged a new reality— a high demand for robust virtual teams. Organizations that invested in a flexible and robust HR Technology landscape to quickly and efficiently respond to remote working challenges. The challenges, unfortunately, are many, but the HR department can overcome most of these challenges with the help of advanced HR software like Digital HRMS. The company’s software is designed to help the HR department overcome multiple challenges. The platform seamlessly automates HR functions and allows the HR personnel to save time and effort. Thus, companies still hope to move to a more consolidated and well-integrated HR solution to create better talent analytics to transform their talent strategies and directly improve employee engagement and performance A time where priorities seem to change constantly now is the moment to strengthen the digital base of HR and unleash the true power of HR Technology. By highlighting the opportunity for HRMS solutions and using this as momentum to be innovative in their next steps – enterprises can achieve this by applying CatalystOne’s robust Human Resources Management System Solutions. The Nordic leader in HCM software, CatalystOne Solutions, delivers cloud solutions for Human Capital Management, including Core HR, Competence Development, Performance Management, Talent Management, and Compensation.

Today, There Is A War For Talent, Especially For Positions In An Organization’s Upper Echelon, Due To A Lack Of Seasoned Candidates

A leader in the market, CatalystOne has established offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and India by partnering up and working closely with their clients to achieve measurable results and gain maximum value through their HR solutions. The ability to meet customer needs far beyond their expectations with software that is both easy to use and easy to implement is the company’s greatest strength. CatalystOne’s software solutions support all HR processes. Their modular design allows building a single, unified HR solution supporting only the functions needed, with composite reports and analytics available across the entire solution.

Core HR - the pillar of a truly digital organization, where automated processes help reduce time-consuming administration, allowing HR to shift their focus to strategic tasks while data-rich reports and analytics facilitate decision-making. And with this solution providing valuable insights through a series of modules and functionality that support core HR processes, enabling to gather all HR data within a single compliant and secure system-- HR Master Data is a central hub for the storage of high-quality and fully compliant employee data. With in-built process automation relieving HR staff of time-consuming administrative tasks, powerful analytics provide actionable insight that can support the broader business at a strategic level. For easy and secure master data management through self-service functionality and integrations with other vital systems, ensuring employee data - stored in a safe and compliant cloud solution - should always be up to date. HR Master data makes it easier than ever before establishing a “one company” governance model with standardized processes in place across your organization.

The COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed the way we live and the way we work and offers the possibility for HR leaders to accelerate to digital. The importance of this digital transformation has been foreseen for years but is now forced upon HR – faster than everyone could imagine. Although these are challenging times, this should not be the time to stand still. CatalystOne brings solutions as an HR system that manages these issues automatically. When a centralized, accurate, and secure HR master data system controls data flow to and from SaaS and cloud licensing records, it becomes possible to automate tasks like revoking or changing access levels when, for example, staff leave or change roles. Hence, choosing the right managed solutions provider ensures hassle-free focus on day-to-day business operations and excelling strategies.
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Catalystone Solutions

Oslo, Norway

Avtar S. Jasser, CEO

CatalystOne is a comprehensive software suite that supports all your HR functions, from Talent and Succession to Continuous Performance Management. Module-based design means our solutions can be combined and configured to meet your unique requirements, and if circumstances change, you can add additional modules at any time. The Nordic leader within HCM (Human Capital Management) software and provide user-friendly solutions for processes such as HR master data, performance management, talent management, and learning management