Paychex Deutschland GmbH: Competent Partner to Traverse German Payroll System

Tim Schuette, General Manager, Paychex Deutschland GmbHTim Schuette, General Manager
A stable economy, a secure and well developed political framework and strong legal protections make Germany a business-friendly destination for international businesses. However, when it comes to payroll rules and regulations, Germany has one complex system. International enterprises working in the country often struggle to deliver payroll as it requires specific knowledge, which is very rare in the market. “When organizations are internationally active and deploy their employees across borders, the risk of errors inevitably increases,” says Tim Schuette, General Manager, Paychex Deutschland GmbH. “Special regulations and peculiarities apply to both wage tax and social security contributions.” It’s these complications that lead organizations to look for a capable partner who can help them traverse the complex German payroll system/administration. One such partner is Paychex Deutschland GmbH that has been serving international customers, including well-known organizations and global players. New York-based Paychex Inc is the mother company of the German arm.

Instituted in 2003, Paychex Deutschland is one of the very few cross-border offices of Paychex. Through experts in the field of payroll and strategic acquisitions, Paychex Deutschland offers specialized BPO services for payroll to its clients who have employed staff in Germany. The payroll accounting software, as part of the service package, is ITSG (Information Technology Service Point of the Statutory Health Insurance) certified, which enables automated, secure communication with official institutions like health insurance and retirement insurance.

Paychex Deutschland is dedicated to handle the highly bureaucratic tasks of doing payroll in Germany for its clients so that they can focus on their core business.

With a high and personal service level and our experiences we can handle difficult and special payroll types such as construction payroll and public service payroll, and services for international organizations

Through innovation, specialization and ongoing process optimization, the company has been serving more than 300 international organizations that includes multiple hotels of a global hotel chain and German branches of internationally active software companies. There are 100 payroll specialists who provide expertise on current payroll accounting for the employees as well as clear accounting lists and statements for financial accounting verification.

The company has been able to simplify and create easy-to-use forms for recurring payroll communication and documentation to record and communicate important payroll information. Such tools along with the payroll processes are in tandem with any new legal changes to align small and mid-sized international businesses with the complex German Payroll system. “With a high and personal service level and our experiences we can handle difficult and special payroll types such as construction payroll and public service payroll, and services for international organizations,” says Schuette. “Via our partners, we can offer international services all over the world.”

Through a strong focus and understanding of the needs of their clients and strategic acquisitions, Paychex Deutschland has come a long way since its inception in 2003. The company has placed the onus and liability on itself to ensure that their clients are adhering to the complex German payroll regulations, reassuring no downtime for the clients even during the ongoing pandemic. Schuette believes that Paychex Deutschland GmbH will continue its growth trajectory in terms of getting new international clients by entering new markets as well as extending their product and services portfolio on a healthy and stable basis. With the acquisition of Danish start-up Emply in 2021, and focus on automation with existing systems, Paychex Deutschland has already made huge strides to sustain the growth momentum.
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Paychex Deutschland GmbH

Paychex Deutschland GmbH


Tim Schuette, General Manager

Offers payroll services and products to help international businesses adhere to the German payroll rules and regulations