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In 2020, enterprises were thrust into the spotlight with the onset of the COVID crisis, needing to respond to unforeseen circumstances in an instant by going entirely virtual and executing an untested operating model in a short span of time. The past year has upended the priorities of most HR leaders, as they had to quickly navigate through from implementing remote work culture to legal concerns about the COVID-19. While there aren’t any silver bullet suggestions on how to navigate the challenges of the new reality, it is clear that leadership has to become more accommodating than ever before in the face of the global disaster. Acting as a catalyst for unprecedented digital transformation, COVID-19 has reshaped every sphere of business operations for any enterprise. The crisis has ushered a new competitive landscape, stifling growth in traditional product areas, prompting a new wave of innovation and recasting the role of HR. The digital transformation means a rise in self-service tools like automated on-boarding and workflows as companies being to optimize automated tools for accounting, communication, and management. However, the challenges 2020 brought are merely setting up another year of transformation. That said, HR will have to redesign the employee journey and measure the virtual employee experience by leveraging data to improve company culture and policies adopt technology to track and monitor their employees as the new norm passively.
A partner in the success of its clients’ digital transformation towards HR 3.0, Sopra HR is a global player in the space, offers complete technological solutions perfectly suited to the needs of Human Resources Departments and medium and large organizations in the public and private sectors.

Sopra HR focuses on implementing the best industry practices to meet the challenges of company performance, transformation and growth to strive for an enhanced HR by focusing on innovation, agility and business expertise. The company offers personnalised services tailored to address the full range of human resources issues, from operational management to monitoring functions in both local and international contexts. Sopra HR enables companies to implement hybrid HR solutions that combine Cloud-based applications, on-site solutions, SSCs and outsourcing of certain business processes. It’s industrial and agile solutions aim to meet multiple requirements (collective labor agreements, multiple contracts, multiple situations) that can adapt to all organizational contexts (decentralization, SSC). The firm’s dedicated team of experts skilled in both functional and technical aspects to provide customer support in helping execute best industry practices to ensure HR department’s efficiency. Furthermore, Sopra HR also offers maintenance services, legal compliance consulting and employee data security services. As 2021 begins, HR leaders continue to lay emphasis on enhancing technology systems that will improve the productivity of remote workers, upgrading workforce management, utilizing recruiting and learning platforms to meet changing needs. While the pandemic suppressed new HR technology spending in 2020, experts believe that the pent-up demand will lead to renewed investment in 2021 as the economy slowly rebounds. As a subsidiary of the Sopra Steria Group, the company provides solutions to over 900 customers in more than 54 countries in on-premises or cloud services mode. The European leader in consulting, digital services and software development enables its customers to drive their digital transformation projects with rapid acceleration and guaranteed success.
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Sopra HR

Sopra HR

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Sopra HR Software, a subsidiary of Sopra Steria, offers complete HR Solutions to perfectly suite to the needs of Human Resources Departments and medium and large organizations, in the public and private sectors. As a specialist in managing HR, payroll and talent management in a local and international context, Sopra HR supports more than 950 clients, in “on-premise” or cloud mode. As a partner in the success of its clients' digital transformation towards HR 3.0, the global player in #Human Resources, favors co-innovation, promotes HR performance issues and highlights the employee experience